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Events & Activities

Activities are a great form of fellowship and encouragement for our group. UCHS Member Families are asked to coordinate and/or help organize a minimum of two events per school year in order to provide opportunities for the group. UCHS Members offer fields trips, social gatherings and educational group classes.


Here are some of the activities UCHS members have enjoyed:

Back to School Picnic
Bon Fire/Hay Ride
Youth Trips
Play Days in the Park
Gym Time
Dance Lessons
Gym & Swim
Boys Basketball League
Chili Supper and Game Night
Christ in the Arts
Mom's Christmas Tea
Pre-Youth Christmas Party
Youth Christmas Party

Family Ski Trip
Valentine Party / Ice Skating

School Pictures and Yearbooks
Ultimate Team Challenge
Mighty Kids challenge
Science Fair
Game Days
Book Reading Club
Educational Classes
Visits to Museums
Theatrical Performances
Poiema Players Drama Club
Kindergarten Graduation

8th Grade Graduation
Senior Graduation
Formal Youth Banquet
(in honor of the Senior class)
End of School Year Celebration

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